Helping The Very Ill To Be Comfortable At Home

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A veteran nurse developed a new way to deliver medications to patients who are unable to swallow.

(NAPSI)—Some 1.65 million Americans are currently in hospice care, and if you or someone you care about is ever among them, a recently developed medical device could be a big help.

The Problem

Many of the very ill or elderly have trouble taking their medication by mouth.

A Solution

For them, veteran hospice nurse Brad Macy, RN, BSN, developed a simple and innovative device to leverage the efficacy of the rectal route of administration.

This specialized catheter is designed to enable the comfortable and discreet administration of liquids and medications, while overcoming the many challenges associated with the use of suppositories.

Laura Brandt, RN, MSN, is a practicing hospice nurse who uses this approach. She said, “This intervention is very effective and convenient, particularly for patients who are at home during end of life. It enables the patient to be comfortable, and it brings families such relief to know that their loved one is not suffering.”

How It Works

Once put in place by a clinician, the device can enable repeated administration of medications and liquids. Its medication port rests on the patient’s leg for easy access by caregivers and clinicians.

What It Can Be Used For

• Medication administration when the oral route fails

• Administration of fluids and electrolytes

• Administration of liquid medications for pain, nausea and other symptoms.

Unlike intravenous lines, which usually need to be placed in an inpatient environment and require special formulation of sterile medications, this catheter can be placed by a nurse in the home. The device could help thousands of patients avoid unnecessary hospitalization and uncomfortable suppository insertion, and reduce complications related to IV and subcutaneous medication delivery.

Available from Hospi Corporation, the Macy Catheter received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a prescription device.

Learn More

For further information, visit or dial Hospi toll free at 888-509-3732.

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