Gallagher Objects to Brown’s New California Budget

WHEATLAND REGION, CA (MPG) – On June 15th, legislators were statutorily required to pass a balanced budget or risk forfeiting their pay. However, Assemblyman Gallagher (R-Nicolaus) was unable to support the Democrats’ budget plan, because it relies on a common gimmick – using higher revenue estimates to give the appearance of a balanced budget.

Gallagher urged Governor Brown to stand firm in his negotiations with Democrats by rejecting unsustainable new spending justified by these higher revenue estimates. Gallagher also objected to provisions in the budget that include funding for the High Speed Rail, the Cap and Trade program, state-funded abortions, and the State Responsibility Area fire tax.

“The current budget plan sets a new record for spending on costly new programs by relying on unrealistic revenue projections. We must learn from fiscal mistakes of the past and not gamble on overly-optimistic economic projections,” said Gallagher. “Instead, we should be focused on the fundamentals of government by spending within our means while keeping our commitments to education, transportation infrastructure, and paying down our debt,” Gallagher continued.

The legislative budget bill passed on a 53-27 vote. This budget estimates an additional $3.2 billion in revenues to justify $2.2 billion in new spending that is not included in the Governor’s budget plan. The bill is an incomplete budget act because it does not reflect an agreement with the Governor, and the final budget agreement will look different from what the Legislature passed.

“While there are many supportable elements of this budget, such as partially restored Medi-Cal provider rates, additional funding for K-12 and higher education programs, and restoring cuts to regional centers for the developmentally disabled, the additional commitments to new program spending are unsustainable and unsupportable. I hope the Governor exercises discipline by basing the final budget on the Department of Finance’s more prudent revenue projections while prioritizing the fundamental services of government.”

Assemblyman James Gallagher represents the 3rd Assembly District, which encompasses all of Glenn, Sutter, Tehama, and Yuba counties as well as portions of Butte and Colusa counties.

Source: Assemblyman James Gallagher’s website,

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