12 Days of Christmas: Tradition Ideas for Families

Smiling Family in Santa Hats Decorating Cookies with GlazeBy Lanaya Nilsson

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA. (MPG) – Looking to start some “traditions” for your kids during the Christmas season? Fun traditions that your family will look forward to every year, and pass on to the next generation? Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! Here’s a list of ideas based on the “12 days of Christmas” (beginning at Dec. 14th and going until Christmas day.) You can do them all-or just adopt a few that fit best with your clan!

1st Day (Partridge in pear tree): As a family, go and pick out your tree (or get it out of storage, and set it up) decide together what “look” or “theme” you want this year and make it happen!

2nd Day (Two turtle doves): Exchange a “pair” of something (socks, gloves, earrings, tongs, whatever!).

3rd Day (Three French hens): Make a three page “memory” book together decorate with old magazine cutouts, pictures, or anything else available. Have fun with it!

4th Day (Four calling birds): Make a phone call to four people that you miss, and tell them so. No emails or texting!

5th Day (Five golden rings): Donuts or ice cream (or both) for breakfast (or dinner!).

6th Day (Six laying geese): Game night! Pull out your favorite board games (no electronics) and play for prizes of holiday cookies or candy!

7th Day (Seven swimming swans): Everyone writes a list of seven things they loved this year, with details on why.

8th Day (Eight milking maids): Make a keepsake ornament for the tree.

9th Day (Nine dancing ladies): Two words: dance party! For extra fun, film it so you can watch it next year!

10th Day (Ten leaping lords): Stage a small gift treasure hunt. With clues according to age, of course!

11th Day (Eleven piping pipers): Load everyone in the car and stop for hot cocoa, park, and go check out holiday lights! Make sure to dress warm!

12th Day (Twelve drumming drummers): After the gift exchange, everyone gives each other special “thank you” notes that are personally written about why they cherish that member of the family, with a special memory with that person from the year past.

There you have it, twelve traditions over twelve days! Hope these ideas brighten and warm you, and help get your family into true Christmas “spirit”. Happy holidays!

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